When going shopping for curtains, if you’re confused between custom & ready-made drapes, that’s natural. Customized Curtains are not inexpensive, but they have many benefits in the long run which could actually save you both time and money.

It’s natural to be lost in a variety of designs and fabric samples when opting for customized drapes. You need to be sure of what you are expecting so as to make an informed decision before buying the drapes.

Quality Fabric & Color

Most ready-made curtains are poorly finished. Hemming and pleats are often not done properly, so your curtain lacks that zing and structure. Also, you have no option for customization. On the other hand, customized curtains are made of premium fabric and hemmed properly with synchronized pleats as per your choice. In addition, after tailoring your curtain set, a layer of lining is added to increase its longevity.

Proper Drapery Lining

Suppose you want to install bright red curtains on your window panes to control sunlight during daytime. Most off the rack curtains will turn into orange after a few months of use. This is because they don't have proper linings on them. Customized curtains have that properly tailored so that your curtains retain that splendid colour.

Knowledge for efficient use

Purchasing custom window treatments get you more than just a product. Custom curtain designers provide you with enough suggestions which are specific to your customized window panes or doors. Specific fabric and colour combinations along with pleats can help in adjusting light exposure, match your window panes and so much more. When you use ready-made curtains, you’re only buying a product. You don’t know how to install it properly or whether it would work with the room up to your expectations.

Delivery & Installation

Just gaining a new set of customized curtains isn't the whole package. You get the expertise of a custom curtain designer and overall assistance in the installation of curtains while choosing the best placement for your curtain rods to transform your living space. Proper installation of curtains helps in the utilization of space, overall look of a room and also control light exposure and heat making your room perfect for relaxing.

Transforming your Room Space

Whether you got sliding doors or windowpanes, long ceilings or short, you can customize curtains to best suit the tone of your room while also giving it a luxurious and premium feel. Choose the fabric and colour from the best recommendations provided by the curtain designers.

Wrapping up

Curtains are more than privacy and light filters. Off the rack curtains almost cost the same and don’t have as many variations and customizations as per your requirements. Customized curtains can change the look and feel of any space. It's all about the space available, amount of light and type of wall onto which the curtain will hang. Draperies when customized properly can help in making the room feel more spacious and actually save greatly on energy bills by controlling the temperature of the room around the clock.

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