Curtains help in transforming your room space, your mood from easy to bold and casual to dramatic. Choosing a premium sheet curtain can be a bit confusing due to a large variety and options to look. Make your shopping easier by reading a bit about what main factors to look while deciding on a particular curtain sheet.

Sheet Fabric & Color

Curtain sheet colour is an essential aspect to consider while buying. You can choose from a wide variety according to your needs. Subtle and bold patterns for a splendid view at dawn and sunset or solid colours for window curtains having textual contrast and pale colouration to bring a bit of zing on the curtain while blocking sunlight.

If you're going for window treatments, look for sheets made of linen, silk, velvet or faux silk. These materials suit best on windows, and while going for durability, faux silk should be your first choice rather than real silk. Choosing the right fabric can help you keep out from cold or heat. Materials like Tweed, Suede or tapestry are lightweight and widely used to control the temperature inside the room.

Threadcount & Weave

While choosing sheet curtains, remember to look for the fabric thread count and weave. Fabrics having a low thread count should be placed on windows with less exposure to sunlight. These are less durable and prolonged exposure to sunlight may lighten the colour.

On the other hand, higher thread count curtains should be placed on windows and doors to block sunlight. These are far more durable and also have a very thick weave which shall help them retain the colour for a more extended period. Silk has a very high thread count but is very sensitive to sunlight. Thick weaves with high thread count include twill, damask and satin. If you are going for patterns, choose twill or damask. But, if you are thinking of a single colour fabric for your curtain, go for satin.

Length & Lining of Sheets

Before taking out the tape measure, first, decide on how high would you want to hang your curtains. Hanging curtains higher than the window length gives a sense of height to the room. Interior designers suggest hanging curtains at least six inches above the window frame.  

Always start measuring from the top of the window and also remember to add some inches of height to leave some space from where the curtains will hang, to the floor. For a more classical look, with the curtain slightly touching the floor, you need to add another two to three inches. While going for a more modern and crisp look, have the curtain fall flush with the floor. If you plan on blocking sunlight completely with the curtains, add a few inches on the width of the curtain sheet to completely cover the window frame.

Easily Washable or Dry Clean Only

Yes, one of the main things customer forget while shopping for curtain sheets. Always determine beforehand whether you're going to buy dry-clean only or washer machine friendly curtains. This shall save you time and money in the long run. Keep in mind that you can ruin high-quality curtains by trying to wash them yourself, so, before going off to purchase that luxurious silk sheet, remember that you have to dry-clean them.

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