There's no doubt that if you’ve got custom windows in your home, drapery will be its perfect companion. While there are blinds and shades as alternatives, they partially filter light. If you want to completely block the outside light, make your home cool and comfortable, blackout curtains are your best companion.

Now, not only do they block outside light but actually help enhance your lifestyle and most importantly, your sleep cycle. For people having jam-packed work schedules, maintaining a sleep cycle is vital, and blackout curtains specialize in this.

Enhanced Sleep Cycle

Isn’t it irritating when you are awakened suddenly by a ray of sunlight directly in your eyes? That’s basically the job of an alarm clock. Why not relax that extra hour or so after a hard work week? Treat yourself with those extra quality sleep time by installing blackout curtains.

In addition to that, these curtains also keep the heat at bay. Nothing is cozier than a cool, dark bedroom when you return home after work. Installing them in the children’s room/nursery can help increase the sleep cycle of the baby.

Better Light Blocking

Blackout curtains have special fabrics that are much better at filtering light than other normal shades and draperies. While most custom window treatments will still allow light to seep in through the sides partially, curtains are customized to fit your window frame.

Not only that, your room remains cool and UV Radiation free. UV rays harm the furniture and television screens through the glare. Bid adieu to those days. Blackout curtains come with high-density fabrics which filter out almost 99% of incoming sun rays and other light rays. If you have a home theatre or any special media room, blackout curtains are your answer for an enhanced experience.

Yes, you heard it right, SAVE MONEY!

Installing blackout curtains can help you reduce your energy bills as well. Blackout curtains have an extra layer of insulation which helps in regulating temperature throughout the day in your home. This act alone will definitely save you big bucks spent on either heating or cooling throughout seasons in a year. It’s like an umbrella for your home during summers and a topcoat during winters.

According to a recent study, having an insulated drapery installed to a customized window frame actually reduces heat/UV Rays in your home by up to 46%. Consider this as an early investment for your window treatments, whose benefits you can reap in the form of reduced energy bills all around the year.

Now that you have the facts clear, take a look at our Blackout Curtain Collection and get in touch with us to get your room and lifestyle enhanced!

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